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About me:

Self employed Linux-Projects since 2003

Planning and Setup of server environments for small / medium enterprises: Firewall (IPChains, IPTabels)
Mail-server (sendmail, postfix, Spamassassin, ClamAV)
Web-server (Apache)
CMS-System (Apache, PHP4, J2EE)
Fileserver (SMB, Appletalk, NFS)
Remote Administration (Webmin/Usermin)
Security analysis and audit (PCI/DSS, BSI, ISO27001)


Using the method “Structured Analysis” (SA) and “Structured Design” (SD) for Analysis and Design in the solution- and project-management. ITIL based project management.
Common methods in project management for planning
Controlling and supervising complex projects in EDP-surroundings
Design, setup and implement Change- Release and Patch management based on ITIL specifications. Analyze and design of PCI/DSS compliant environments including pre-audit sessions and audit assistance.
Controlling and supervising projects from the first contact to the installation and release:
– Planning and implementation of presentations and trade shows
– Acquiring and supervising of system partners for the integration and the deployment of standard products in complex projects
– Planning the deployment of complex investments and consulting in
– Planning and setup of High-Security environments based on PCI/DSS and ISO27001 specifications (audit preparation and guidance)

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